Peacebuilders Camp at Koinonia Farm

What is one way you’d like to see the world change?

Our staff training weekend has come to a close, and it’s been such a wonderful time of connection with Koinonia Farm and with our team. Marilyn and I have enjoyed finally getting to know this year’s all star staff in person: counselors Quinton from Albany and Sarah from Atlanta and our Counselor-in-Training (CIT) Michelle from Americus.

We are excited to shift our focus to the campers as we prepare for their arrival in the morning. For the registration process for Peacebuilders Camp, the youth applying are required to fill out a series of short answer questions to help us get to know them in advance. The last question on the form asks:

“What is one way you’d like to see the world change?”

Here are the answers from our 1st session of campers (the 13-14 year olds):

  • I would like to see more love for each other!
  • People working together and seeing places clean…
  • I would like to get rid of violence.
  • The crime that is going on.
  • I would like to see everyone in the world have their own home instead of being homeless.
  • Not to have any homeless people on the street. And we can get family and friends to donate. We will have more than enough food to go around.
  • I want rec basketball to be for all ages.
  • No longer give CTR tests for students!
  • Stop littering. All colors should be treated equal. Live with peace.
  • Poverty, Pollution, Racism
  • One thing I would like to have the world to know and have is love. Love is very powerful, but it is an amazing feeling. It also can change the world because people would understand each other and how to love another. That would be just an amazing change in this world.
  • Stop bullying.

In Peace,
Erica Schoon

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