Peacebuilders Camp at Koinonia Farm

Day Two: Who are the Peacemakers you know?

Day 2! We jumped right in helping Koinonians pick blueberries this morning. Peacebuilders Camp hit the scales with 41.4 pounds of blueberries picked! Thinking about the challenges of farm work, we went right into a discussion of our human rights article for the day–the right to work and to get paid fairly. Campers demonstrated an impressive understanding of the concepts as they role-played as farm workers, farm owners, exporters, importers, and supermarkets, all negotiating for a bigger chunk of change from the money a consumer pays for a bunch of bananas.

In the afternoon when we started our tour at Cafe Campesino, a fair trade coffee shop and roastery in Americus, campers taught back what they’d learned about the trade process to our tour guide Nema. Nema, one of Peacebuilders Camp’s advisory board members, explained how cooperatives cut out the middlemen in the process in order to ensure fair pay to farm workers. Campers enjoyed seeing the green coffee beans and the roasting process and then had some delicious drinks back in the coffee shop.

After our visit to Cafe Campesino, we spent the rest of the day relaxing, playing outside, and making jewelry with coffee beans from Guatemala. Our wall of peacebuilders has already begun to grow as campers share each night who they’ve met or learned about. Tonight during closing circle, campers named Emma Tenayuca for her work toward fair wages, Brendan Prendergast for his work at Koinonia spraying compost tea on the trees to grow pecans, and counselor Quinton Eberhardt for his work during the school year helping people with disabilities get jobs. So we are hearing about lots of different kinds of work for justice!

More photos below…

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