Peacebuilders Camp at Koinonia Farm

Meet our 13-14 year old Peacebuilders!

The 13-14 year olds have arrived, and our second session of campers is meshing well. We’ve got some very knowledgeable campers, some great athletes, and wonderful personalities. Today we enjoyed getting to know each other as well as Koinonia Farm and getting an introduction to the human rights we’ll be talking about this week.

Our traditional hayride and campfire were cancelled (or perhaps only postponed til another night), but we had our own indoor entertainment instead. We got the help of volunteers from Koinonia to act out a story book, White Flour by David LaMotte. The book is based on a true story in which a group called the Coup Clutz Clowns use humor to diffuse a white supremacist demonstration by responding to “white power!” chants with white flowers, white flour, tight showers, etc. In lieu of the campfire afterward, we had a cozy movie night watching The Great Debaters, a movie set in 1935 following the story of a debate team at a black college and the racial issues of the time. Our focus for the day was the article from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which states that “all are equal before the law.”

Get to know this week’s campers by checking out their answers to the questions below from the registration forms they filled out prior to coming to camp.

2nd Session (ages 13-14)

How would you define a human right? Can you name any human rights off the top of your head?

  • Everyone should be equal.
  • Women have the right to vote.
  • The right to be safe.
  • The right to vote, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion.
  • A human right is a right that should be respected and not taken away from you by any means. A few human rights are the right to live, the right to think freely, and the right to have clean air, food, and water (not that we all have that right).
  • All the people should be equal and treat each other in a very respectful way.
  • Civil rights, eating vegetables.
  • Something that every human deserves. That everyone treated the same.
  • A human right is something that a person should be able to do as a citizen. An example would be Freedom of speech, right to bear arms, freedom of the press etc.
  • Things that make it fair for everyone. Freedom to speak freely, freedom to worship, and equality.
  • MLK, Gandhi.
  • MLK


What is one way you’d like to see the world change?

  • I would like to see the world change to be full of joy, happiness, and peace.
  • I would like to see the world change by respect each other and treat each other equally.
  • For people to accept someone as they are and don’t be mean to them.
  • I would like the world to be more dauntless (courageous), amity (kind and in tune with nature, and abnegation (selfless) also candor (truthful) and erudite (smart) i would also like the world to be more understanding and Eco-friendly. by the way dauntless,amity,abnegation,candor,and erudite are the five factors from divergent unless you count the factionless and divergent (people with multiple factors) then there is 7 factors.
  • I would like to see human beings, as well as other animals, and follow PLUR (peace, love, unity, and respect). I really just wish that we all get along.
  • I want the world to be peaceful because right now there are many wars all over the world and people are hating each other.
  • Stop bullying.
  • More jobs for the people.
  • I strongly want there to be more peace in the world. I want to see the wars decrease and have more countries work together in concepts such as trade.
  • Stop stealing, stop selling drugs, stop drinking, and stop cursing.
  • That all Mexican people can come to the US to work, live, and come and go from Mexico to visit their family.
  • People from anywhere can come to the US to live free, work, and live without being sent back to their country.

Some photos from the first day of camp are below:

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