Peacebuilders Camp at Koinonia Farm

The Peacebuilders tree is complete!

We pushed it to the very last day, but some dedicated campers made it happen. The tree is finished! Every night at Peacebuilders Camp during closing circle, it is our tradition to ask campers what peacebuilders they learned about that day — whether from a book they read off the book table, one of our discussions, someone they met, etc. We reflect on how varied the peacebuilders are — both famous and unknown, rich and poor, doing all kinds of work in all kinds of fields. Campers used that cumulative list of peacebuilders on the tree, with those who came before us in the roots and those working today among their own names in the branches.

Another tradition is that campers make a specific commitment for the closing ceremony of something they can do that will build justice in an area of special concern using their own talents. As campers share their commitment with the group, their name is added to our list of peacebuilders. It’s a passing of the baton and a moving forward of the movement for peace. Here are this week’s commitments:

  • I will make a can food drive and give it to a soup kitchen twice monthly for 6 months.
  • My goal is to volunteer at a homeless shelter for two hours a month on Sundays to teach unprivileged kids about the arts.
  • I will continue raising awareness for fair trade and also encourage five businesses to do more fair trade by sending letters, meeting in person, etc. in the next 6 months.
  • Starting in August and through New Year’s Eve, I will do yard work to earn $100 to give to an organization that serves homeless kids and families.
  • I will volunteer at Concrete Jungle for 12-24 hours in the next 6 months.
  • I will find a Habitat for Humanity and help build at least one house before my birthday next year.
  • I will volunteer at Emmaus House twice a month for 6 months to help with a food drive to stock a food pantry.
  • I will make a poverty power point with information that will make poverty known and show it in Emmaus House as well as on Facebook in the next 6 months.
  • By the time school starts I will take my family and 3 friends to Habitat for Humanity Global Village so they can learn about people who need homes.
  • I will write a letter to the governor about education because some kids have high income and some have low income, and I want the governor to change that because all students in school deserve to have a good education.

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