Peacebuilders Camp at Koinonia Farm

Peacebuilders Graduation!

From Erica Schoon, Program Director…

I’ve been in awe this week of the transformations happening within and between campers and of their own self awareness of how much that transformation has meant to them. This process culminates on the last day when we go through closing activities, reflect on the week, and conduct our closing ceremony in which each camper makes a commitment to reach a specific peacebuilding goal sometime in the next six months. You can see below the amazing work these campers will be doing in their home communities. This week we also took a few minutes to ask campers to write down what their camp experience meant to them, what they wanted us to know about it, etc. You can read those quotes here. We’re all proud of how these campers have grown this week and of action they will be taking back home in the next few months. The courage and integrity of these 13- and 14-year-olds is inspiring.

Peacebuilders Camp 2014 2nd Session Camper Commitments (13-14 year olds)

  • Morghan- By 1/26/15 I will organize a community talent show in my neighborhood.
  • Glory- I will write a song about human rights and sing it at church, talent shows, concerts, open mics, etc. by 1/25/15.
  • Tre- I will write a song about peace, poverty, and human rights. I will perform it 12 times for social media sites and open mic nights by 1/26/15.
  • Marco- My family and I will bring food to a shelter or volunteer once a year.
  • Joshua- I will finish my song about peace and produce it in a music studio in Atlanta and also post it on Facebook by 1/26/15.
  • ZoraAnn- I will write a song about peace and justice and perform it at least 3 times by 1/26/15.
  • Nichole- I will volunteer at the animal shelter once a month for four hours and post it on Facebook.
  • Jay- I will score 8 touchdowns this season or earn a gold medal for football and make my people and myself proud because people always say I can’t do nothing so I’m going to prove to them and myself that I can do it so there will be peace for me.
  • B- My goal is to make the basketball team this December. I will work on my skills every day so that I can make the team and be a supportive team member.
  • Ehsoe- I will volunteer once a month for one year at the Clarkston Community Center. I will write a poem and share it with my family and neighbor about peace and justice.
  • Jesus- I will volunteer with Ryan fixing homes with the Fuller Center one time in the next month.
  • Hsaw Meh- Next week I will talk to one person in my neighborhood about fair trade and explain what I learned at Peacebuilders Camp about the right to fair wages.

Below are photos from our last day of camp:

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