Peacebuilders Camp at Koinonia Farm

Getting to know you…with water balloons!

Can you guess the rules of this get-to-know-you game?

There are two teams in two lines. The first person in the line runs to the water balloons (hanging from the clothes line), chooses one, then has to bust it open. Inside is a camper’s name from the opposite team.

The runner grabs the name tag (on the chair) for the person whose name was in her balloon and has to run back and pin the name tag on the correct person (with help from her teammate). One the runner pins the name tag correctly, she tags the next person in line on her team and that person becomes the runner.

My favorite moment from the game (and of course I didn’t get a video) was when Minani found Riley’s name inside his balloon. Riley was the runner on the opposite team. They chased each other around for several minutes before Minani tired Riley out and pinned the name tag on him.

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