Peacebuilders Camp at Koinonia Farm

The intersection of human rights and community involvement

Can you define what a human right is? It’s hard to pin down, isn’t it?

IMAG2985 copyAt Peacebuilders Camp, we help campers define human rights – and to recognize when rights are not being upheld. But our goal is not simply that campers leave camp with more knowledge. We hope they will take this knowledge and use it to become active in their local communities.

Our campers are young people who have already been taking an active role in their communities. For some, camp will lead them to someday become leaders in a social movement. For others, their camp experience will guide their innate passion for helping others as they grow up. When we combine knowledge with passion with community involvement, that’s a recipe for social change.

Here are some of the community activities our campers reported BEFORE camp:

  • I pick up litter mostly.
  • I help with Tent City (the homeless and homeless veterans) and I melt Crayons into hearts (Hearts of Hope) to give to gays who get married, wounded vets, homeless people, and people who just need a hug. I load bags at Toys for Tots, play in the Youth Orchestra and at Nursing Homes, attend Interfaith Events like Holi and the International Festival, volunteer at Santa’s Village, and dance in the local Ballet.
  • I am a girl scout, a green belt in karate, I do community service with my mom and her sorority.
  • I go to the community youth group. I helped clean up the little lakes in our community.
  • I help new people from my country if they are my age.
  • One way I am involved in my community would be being in a IGrow community that has a wide array of different types of plants and that we compost and recycle.
  • I am involved in my community by helping the less fortunate in my community through my church. Every summer the youth kids all go and help people who can’t fix their own houses and so we come and paint, tear up boards that have been eaten through and clean up.
  • IMAG3523 copyI take care of neighborhood kids.  I help friends and neighbors when it is needed.
  • I help rake elder people’s lawns, I do community clean up days at school and my neighborhood.
  • I like to help with community work days like the Martin Luther King day. This past year we helped to clean up a near by neighborhood and do work at our school.
  • I help plant trees and I do the hunger walk.
  • I go to church where I sing and pray.
  • I help fix bikes at the community center in the summer.
  • I am in Girl Scouts and we go to a Senior Living community and visit them help them get around.
  • I volunteer at a summer camp for younger children at my school.  I go to church regularly and sometimes volunteer as a greeter with my family.   I participate in youth retreats at my church. With a group of kids from my school we made many sandwiches for a homeless shelter.  I participate in an ariel dance group where we volunteer and mentor the younger dancers.
  • I wrote and analyzed for my local high school basketball team and I actually have a blog on every game.
  • I am part of a Feminist Collective and help run the youth projects that they have as part of the group. Additionally, I have attended several marches and peaceful demonstrations addressing a variety of issues such as climate change and police brutality.
  • I help my mom with her business when she feeds the homeless.
  • I have been involved with the Girl Scouts since I was five years old.  We do a lot of community projects. My family also volunteers throughout the year with different organizations mostly involving families.

Doesn’t that give you a ton of hope for the next generation? And that’s BEFORE they spent the summer at Peacebuilders Camp at Koinonia Farm! We’ll report soon on these campers’ post-camp community goals.

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