Peacebuilders Camp at Koinonia Farm

2015 Camper Commitments

Some of our 2015 campers’ responses to the question, “How will you work for Peace, Justice, and Human Rights in your community?”

  • My goal is to donate to the disabled people by giving them items like blankets and food once or twice a year. Also I would talk with them to show care and love.
  • Learn more about people with mental illness and design an advertisement that tells three things I learned to put in the school newspaper.
  • I will write articles and informative letters to people as often as I can to address a variety of social issues that pertain to inequality. Along with this, I will notice and address examples of inequality in school and in my community.
  • I will not waste food and my family will shop at a farmers market once a week.
  • I will raise awareness for LGBTQ rights and make sure they get equal rights along with everyone else by organizing a group at my school.
  • I will use social media (Facebook) to make a point that people with mental illnesses or special needs should have the same rights as everyone.
  • I will use my art to create awareness for gay rights.
  • My goal is to join tutoring programs for little kids for 1 day a week for a whole month.
  • I want to help people realize their gifts and strengths for themselves and for others. I will get to know and hang out with three new people who seem like they are in the shadows.
  • I think everyone should have a house to live in. I’ll post a pic and a story about someone who is in poverty in other countries on Instagram and Facebook.
  • I will find a wall and get the proper permission to artistically display the human rights.
  • I am going to make a flyer about how to deal with police encounters and interactions. I am going to hand out candy to be attached to the flyer and I will do this to 50 houses in my neighborhood.
  • My goal is to put a poster of the human rights in each middle school classroom of my school. Each poster will include every right and will be in words youth can understand.

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