Peacebuilders Camp at Koinonia Farm

New Peacebuilders grads are out to change the world!

Session 2 of Peacebuilders Camp 2016 wrapped up today, and we are pleased to send twenty energetic young people back to their communities with goals for how they are going to transform them. Here’s what these new grads will be up to in the next months:

For the next six months I will be more inclusive and stand up for a kid in my community who is an outsider, by changing my behavior toward him.

I will fundraise $50 by Thanksgiving to get $5 Burger King gift cards to pass out to the homeless, with the help of an adult friend to fundraise and my dad to drive me around. I’ll have all the gift cards given away by December.

I will volunteer to go with my grandma and other elderly from the clinical home on at least two field trips in the next two months.

Because there is fighting in my school, at least one time in the next six months I will stand up to a bully who is bothering someone else.

 At least two times in the next six months, I will teach the little kids at the skating rink to skate with the help of my uncle.

 In the next six months, I will join the community cleaning organization and help clean up our community because there is a lot of trash present.

 My goal is to inform people about human rights. I will pick three human rights from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and write a song about them. I will perform the song in front of my entire school.

My goal is to rebuild an old garden in my neighborhood. Once I go home, I am going to call the owner of the garden about reopening it. When the owner gives me permission to reopen his garden, I am going to go and plant things. I will also invite others in the community so that they can help me more, so I can build connection with other people.

I will make a Powerpoint on what constitutes a fair trial. I will try to present it to my community at least 1 or 2 times over the course of the year. My family will more than likely be my main helpers.

For the next two weeks, I will pick up trash in my neighborhood. I will do it every afternoon for two weeks. I will get my friends to help me by walking around and asking them if they want to help me pick up trash.

 I will try to educate my school about the education around the world and hopefully inspire them to do better in school. I will do this with the help of my father, mother, and the head of the school, starting on August 10.

Before school starts, I will read one book by Jimmy Carter to understand how he was a peacemaker.

 By the end of September, I will talk to my school about starting a composting program to not waste food. I’ll ask my friends to support me in this.

Next week, I will be practicing for my camp for the talent show. I am going to dance with my group.

For two weeks after Peacebuilders Camp, I will help beginners on how to play the flute and teach them the symbols on the music sheets.

In a week I will help on the farm more by moving the cows and picking blueberries. A fellow resident will help me, and most likely my mom will help me, too.

Everyone has the right to leisure. I will help people laugh often starting today.

When my school year starts, I will start an LGBTQ+/Straight alliance club so that people can be educated on things that regard LGBTQ+ people, and people who would like to talk to people like themselves can feel like they’re not alone. I will ask the students that also want to start this club to back me up and help me get it started. I will also ask the teachers if they would like to help start it.

By the end of August, I will tell five friends about Peacebuilders Camp to encourage them to come next year.

In the next year, I will perform in poetry slams, write letters and educate myself to change the pay gap between men and women.


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