How to have a Human Rights 4th of July

How to have a Human Rights 4th of July

Here at Peacebuilders Camp, we recognize that not everyone has access rights that many people celebrate in the United States on the 4th of July. So we’ll be celebrating U.S. Independence Day by learning about the right to a nationality (Article 15, Universal Declaration of Human Rights) and doing activities that recognize that many people – refugees, undocumented immigrants, certain ethnic groups, and others – do not have access to this right to a nationality.

Our campers will hear stories from counselors Edgar and Carla about their experiences with immigration, nationality, DACA, and Freedom University. Campers will split up in to groups and cook foods from nations around the world. Dinner will be an amazing banquet of international cuisine!

After dinner, athletes from Ultimate Peace will teach our campers to play Ultimate Frisbee and explain how this game is used to create peace around the world. And then we’ll celebrate with fireworks here at Koinonia Farm.

Here are some ideas of how you can celebrate a Human Rights 4th of July:

  • Instead of just hot dogs and hamburgers, consider holding an international dinner with your family and friends.
  • Learn about the work Ultimate Peace does and play a game of Ultimate … or just throw a frisbee.
  • Learn about Freedom University in Georgia. Advocate for the right of all people to attend public universities. One way you can volunteer for Freedom U is by driving students to classes. Sign up to volunteer here.
  • Adopt a refugee family through a resettlement organization like New American Pathways. Welcome a new immigrant family and help them learn how to grocery shop, get around, cook, and find a job here in the United States.
  • Volunteer to tutor or teach citizenship classes with an organization like the International Rescue Committee.

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