Peacebuilders Camp at Koinonia Farm

Stories from Camp – Day 2

June 25-30, 2012

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Article 23, Section 3:  “Everyone who works has the right to just and favorable remuneration ensuring for himself and his family an existence worth of human dignity, and supplemented, if necessary, by other means of social protection.” [from Universal Declaration of Human Rights]

Day 2 of camp was designed to give campers many images of how work and pay might be done fairly. In the morning, half of our group went to the local farmers market and bought local tomatoes, onions and fruit to use for lunch and dinner that night. We also purchased all of our meat and eggs from Koinonia. The other group of campers worked in the Koinonia fields, helping Farmer Fredo pick cucumbers, weed the field, and feed the pigs. After lunch, we visited a Cafe Campesino, a fair-trade coffee roaster in Americus, GA. The campers learned about fair trade economics and got to enjoy a sweet treat at the coffee shop. In the afternoon and evening, campers had free time to play in the water, relax, and do a craft project – using fair-trade coffee beans that Guatemalan women had drilled holes through for use in making jewelry. Farmer Craig also gave us a hay ride that evening! Click on any photo below to see a larger version.

Campers helped Farmer Fredo feed spoiled vegetables to the Koinonia pigs. We learned the pigs liked cantaloupe much more than cucumbers.
At Cafe Campesino, Nema taught us how fair trade works - how coffee is grown, harvested, and imported. And why it tastes so good!
"Green" (before they are roasted) coffee beans in a bag that was just imported from Colombia.
Roasted Colombian coffee beans
Monica, who is from Colombia, was VERY excited that Cafe Campesino had Colombian coffee!
Nema showed us the process Cafe Campesino uses to roast their fair trade coffee beans.
Returning to Koinonia after visiting Cafe Campesino, it was hot. So, we sprayed each other with water and played with water squirters and squoosh balls.
Each day, three campers helped prepare dinner. These campers are chopping our local onions, peppers, and tomatoes for Chef (and counselor) Erica's fabulous chili.

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