2016 Peacebuilders Camp

How do you build peace?

Week 2 of Peacebuilders Camp 2016 blew in like a cyclone this morning! Twenty 12- and 13-year olds arrived at Koinonia and took about 90 seconds to bond into a solid group of laughing, shouting, smiling campers. They are eager to jump into issues and express their opinions on most everything, and it promises to … Continue reading »

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And they’re off!

The first week Peacebuilders 2016 ended this afternoon with laughter, hugs, promises to keep in touch, expressions of gratitude, and many vows to come back next year. Our campers returned to their home communities with full hearts and minds, and with commitments to take action to bring about peaceful change on issues that matter to them. … Continue reading »

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Week 1 winding down

Our last full day of camp has been spent thinking about the right all human beings have to decent housing. We could not be in a better place to explore that right. Koinonia Farm, the birthplace of Habitat for Humanity, has a long history of partnering with people in need of stable, safe homes. Campers … Continue reading »

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Venturing beyond our comfort zones

Each year at Peacebuilders Camp, our younger campers take a special trip together. We drive 90 minutes south of Koinonia to the small town of Ellenton to visit the Ellenton Health Clinic. From our hosts Teresa and José, we learn how the clinic serves migrant farmworkers by providing low-cost healthcare. They also take us on … Continue reading »

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Who gets left out?

“Everyone has the right to work, to just and favorable conditions of work, and the right to equal pay for equal work,” says the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Just as we do for each right we discuss at Peacebuilders Camp,  today we asked the question, “Who might get left out of this right?” The … Continue reading »

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Peacebuilders 2016 is off to a great start!

The first day of Peacebuilders Camp 2016 has been packed with activity! There is so much for our twenty 11- and 12-year old campers to take in and to adjust to, from meeting their roommates to finding their way around the farm to figuring out how to interact in a new, diverse peer group. Fortunately, … Continue reading »

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Breaking down walls, building understanding

There are many tasks to be completed as our staff gets ready for our three sessions of camp this month. Rooms must be assigned, menus planned, supplies organized, policies reviewed, and schedules coordinated. As the hours until camp are counting down, the small details to be taken care of are stacking up. We know though, … Continue reading »

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Our work for peace; our work for justice …between the pecan orchard and blueberry fields.

Peacebuilders Camp staff arrived at Koinonia yesterday afternoon, and we are hard at work preparing for the first session to begin on Monday. The farm is as welcoming and peaceful as ever, and it’s easy here to feel isolated, or at least buffered, from all that’s going on beyond the pecan orchard to the north … Continue reading »

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