Our work for peace; our work for justice …between the pecan orchard and blueberry fields.

Peacebuilders Camp staff arrived at Koinonia yesterday afternoon, and we are hard at work preparing for the first session to begin on Monday. The farm is as welcoming and peaceful as ever, and it’s easy here to feel isolated, or at least buffered, from all that’s going on beyond the pecan orchard to the north … Continue reading »

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Alum Spotlight: Edithe Rose Niyogushima

I recently caught up with alum Edithe Rose, who attended camp in 2013. Edithe Rose, now age 15, sat down with me for an interview and reflected on her time at camp, how it affected her, and what she’s been learning since then. Memories From Camp We do so many activities and learn so much … Continue reading »

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2015 Camper Commitments

Some of our 2015 campers’ responses to the question, “How will you work for Peace, Justice, and Human Rights in your community?” My goal is to donate to the disabled people by giving them items like blankets and food once or twice a year. Also I would talk with them to show care and love. … Continue reading »

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Peacebuilders Graduation!

From Erica Schoon, Program Director… I’ve been in awe this week of the transformations happening within and between campers and of their own self awareness of how much that transformation has meant to them. This process culminates on the last day when we go through closing activities, reflect on the week, and conduct our closing … Continue reading »

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A transformative week

On the first day of camp during one of our get-to-know-you games, one camper voiced approval for the death penalty and made some comments about how people who kill somebody should get killed for it. It was a typical camp moment with voices of various perspectives shouting out. Yesterday was the day we were focused … Continue reading »

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Meet our 13-14 year old Peacebuilders!

The 13-14 year olds have arrived, and our second session of campers is meshing well. We’ve got some very knowledgeable campers, some great athletes, and wonderful personalities. Today we enjoyed getting to know each other as well as Koinonia Farm and getting an introduction to the human rights we’ll be talking about this week. Our … Continue reading »

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The Peacebuilders tree is complete!

We pushed it to the very last day, but some dedicated campers made it happen. The tree is finished! Every night at Peacebuilders Camp during closing circle, it is our tradition to ask campers what peacebuilders they learned about that day — whether from a book they read off the book table, one of our … Continue reading »

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“One spark in the fire”

From Jonah McDonald, co-founder… Do you remember when you got dropped off for camp the first time? It’s scary! New people, new routines, and maybe the first time you were away from your parents. I got to spend the first two days of camp with our group of 11-12 year olds, and I’ve been amazed … Continue reading »

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Who are the 2014 Peacebuilders?

From Erica Schoon, Program Director… Day 3 on the farm for me and time for updates as our summer counseling staff has finally arrived! It’s been a busy few days as we finalize our camp rosters, meet with community partners, run errands, stock a house full of food and supplies for 20 people, decorate, and … Continue reading »

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Packing, goal-setting, and closing ceremony

The last day of camp is always bittersweet. Today was especially hectic, though, because those bittersweet closing activities were quickly followed by a whirlwind of cleaning up and packing. For our small camp, the close of the second session means the end of 2013’s Peacebuilders Camp and the end of my summertime on the farm. … Continue reading »

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