Peacebuilders Camp at Koinonia Farm

Introduce us to Supporters

To help with fundraising for Peacebuilders Camp, one approach you can take is introducing us to people who might become supporters. Choose family and friends you think might be supportive and ask them if a Peacebuilders staff member can contact them about making a donation as an individual or as part of a community or group they lead.

Who should I ask?

Start with brainstorming a list of friends, family, your parents’ co-workers, or other acquaintances who you think will support the mission of Peacebuilders Camp and who have the resources to contribute financially. Then add names of the leaders of groups you are part of (clubs, faith communities, or other organizations) who you think might be supportive. Besides fundraising, we would also like to offer to be guest speakers for groups you are connected with.

What to say?

Choose a person you think might be supportive and generally follow this script. Speaking to them in person is always most effective, but you can also make phone calls or send emails.

Hi _____! I hope all is well with you and your family. Do you have a minute that I could talk with you?

Thanks! I’d like to tell you about the camp I’m going to and ask for your help. This summer, I’ll be at Peacebuilders Camp, which is a sleep-away summer camp where I’ll get to meet new people and learn ways I can change the world and create more peace & justice. I’m particularly excited about __________ [something you’re excited about going to camp].

Peacebuilders Camp is run on a sliding scale to help make sure all kids are welcome at camp. The camp directors raise money to make sure no kid is turned away because they don’t have enough money. I offered to connect them with my friends and family (like you!) who might be supportive of my camp. They are looking for donors and also offer themselves as guest speakers for groups. Would you be willing to give me your contact info so my camp director can contact you?

Here is some information about Peacebuilders Camp. [Give them a brochure and Fact Sheet] Please write your contact info on this sheet so my camp director can reach out to you. [Ask them to fill out the contact sheet.]

Materials you’ll need:

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