Leadership Training Week

This summer, counselors and CITs have a special opportunity for personal and professional development as part of their summer employment. Between Sessions One and Two of camp, the week of July 4 will be devoted to social justice leadership training for our staff, led by Peacebuilders Camp directors Jonah McDonald and Marilyn McGinnis. Our goal is to provide a space where our staff can deepen their understanding of and activism for peace, social justice, and human rights. With coaching and instruction, staff will also prepare to lead educational programming during Sessions Two and Three.

What can you expect during this special Leadership Training week?

  • Plenty of time to connect with fellow staff members and relax and recharge between camp sessions.
  • Opportunities to learn from guest facilitators about human rights issues, identity and activism, personal storytelling, etc.
  • In-depth discussions about the human rights programming at Peacebuilders Camp.
  • Coaching and instruction on how to lead Peacebuilders Camp programming. Each staff member will be able to choose programs to lead in the following weeks of camp and will receive one-on-one direction and practice time with Jonah and Marilyn on how to effectively teach middle schoolers.
  • Opportunities for community service and social justice action in southwest Georgia.
  • Opportunities to deepen the activism you are already involved in – and connections and collaboration with other activists around issues you are passionate about.

We hope that this week of Leadership Training will equip our staff members to be even more amazing mentors for campers and allow them to expand on their experience at Peacebuilders Camp to make a difference back in their home communities.

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