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Leadership Team

Marilyn McGinnis

Co-founder and Curriculum Director

Marilyn has been a mom and a teacher for many years. Teaching primarily within Atlanta’s home schooling community, she has come to understand how vital it is for kids to gain an appreciation for the hard work that has been done over time to guarantee us certain rights, and for the hard work that remains to be done so that all may enjoy these rights. By introducing Peacebuilder Campers to amazing individuals who are making a difference in our world, and by encouraging them to think deeply about social justice issues, she hopes to inspire young people to accept the challenge to be part of the next generation of peacemakers.

Quayneshia Smith

Program Director

Quayneshia Smith is a social worker, community organizer, and advocate. As a Florida Native she has organized with migrant farmworkers, human rights organizations and pushed campaigns that put the power back in the hands of the community. Quayneshia has also been educating youth and college-age students on consumer accountability, healthy relationships, and community organizing through the lens of a Social worker. She believes we must equip our youth with the knowledge, resources, and skills that they need to help us build a Just and Free world for all. Quayneshia was a previous counselor at Peace Builders and couldn’t be more excited to be back as staff to help further the camp’s mission. 

Board Members

Farzana Barati

Board Member

Farzana Barati was a camper who attended Peacebuilders’ for 4 years. Farzana is a refugee from Afghanistan who have lived in the US for more than 5 years. Farzana is going into her junior year(11th) of high school. She enjoys traveling and discovering new things. She wants to become successful women in her future because she wants to prove that anyone can get themselves some where high if they believe, regardless of where you come from. She also enjoys giving back to her community because Farzana believes that if you help others they would be inspired to do the same for others.

Charity L. Woods Barnes

Board Member

Charity L. Woods Barnes is a Co-founder and the Managing Director for Interfaith Voices for Reproductive Justice (IVRJ).   IVRJ centers interfaith and progressive voices working to create transformative theological narratives that center the moral authority of Black women and girls.  As a reproductive justice advocate and activist her work, grounded in human rights and black feminist theory, is at the intersection of religion and reproductive justice.  Born and raised in the south, her work is grounded and informed by that experience.  She has organized, consulted, and managed issue and political campaigns as well as worked with faith and activist communities around a myriad of social justice issues.  As part of her organizing and advocacy work, Charity has prioritized communities of color, faith communities, women, immigrant, and LGBTQIA communities.  She is a member of, and involved in, several community, civic, social justice and reproductive justice and rights organizations.  Charity comes from a long line of civically engaged, community and political organizers in Georgia and South Carolina and is a proud fourth generation HBCU graduate.  Charity and her husband Eric sent their daughter Lundynn to Peacebuilders for two years in a row and wished they had found out about it sooner.  It was important for her to get some grounding around human rights in a way that was tangible and relevant in her own community.  It was a wonderful experience!

Sarah Cool

Board Member

Sarah Cool is a Georgia resident with significant experience in peace and justice movements. She holds a BA in Sociology, Psychology and Spanish from William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri and has spent decades working with homeless and food insecure persons both in the US and in Latin America. She was a Resident Director for homeless families at Hillcrest Ministries in Liberty, Missouri. She worked as a full-time volunteer with Habitat for Humanity in Americus, Georgia whose mission it is to eradicate homelessness. She lived in a small village in the Dominican Republic for a year while being a volunteer Teacher Assistant to first graders with COPA (Community Partners) and has participated and led cultural immersion trips to Dominican Republic and Haiti. She helped start a Catholic Worker House of Hospitality in Kansas City, Missouri in 2006 that provides meals, clothing and other necessities to the poor and homeless. Currently, Sarah also serves on the board of Nuclear Watch South, a grassroots direct action group to raise public awareness of nuclear power, waste and weapons.

Olivia Fiscal

Board Member

Olivia Fiscal is a former camper of peace builders camp. She has recently come back home from taking a gap year in Senegal and next will be attending Earlham College. She has a love for working with children and has assisted in teaching in preschools in the U.S and middle school in Senegal. Dancing is one of her passions as well as practicing positivity.

Charlotte Flores

Board Member

Charlotte Flores is a resident of Decatur, Georgia. She has been an educator for 25 years working in Title 1 schools teaching and in school counseling.  She is currently an ESOL teacher at the International Community School serving students from 25 countries, many of whom are refugees. In addition, she has been a part of Alterna, a missional community committed to acts of hospitality and mercy.

Cinque Lee-McIver

Board Member

Cinque Lee-McIver is a 9th grader at Woodward Academy in Atlanta, Georgia. His interests include world culture and history, engineering, and biology and he has aspirations to study biotechnology in college. In his free time Cinque is an avid soccer player and loves to cook, draw, and paint, and his art was published in the Celebrating Art Summer 2019 art book. Cinque has attended the Peacebuilders Camp for the 2018 and 2019 summer sessions.

Annise Mabry

Board Member

Dr. Annise Mabry is a retired Dean of Graduate Studies, a GA Certified Peace Officer; and, a best-selling author of the homeschool memoir Educational Disobedience. She holds a PhD in Education, a MAEd in Adult Education and a MS in Criminal Justice. She has homeschooled her children for over a decade and uses a unique mix of tough love with academic innovation to bring hope to the academically invisible and educationally excluded. She is also the founder of the Dr. Annise Mabry Foundation, Inc. a nonprofit organization founded for community growth and development. Dr. Mabry is best known for her Tiers Free program. Tiers Free Academy is Georgia’s only nonprofit alternative diploma program designed exclusively for sex trafficking survivors, homeless LGBTQ youth, and high school dropouts to obtain a high school diploma. In 2018, Dr. Mabry formed her first nonprofit partnerships with 4Sarah and Atlanta Redemption Ink to provide high school diplomas for sex trafficking survivors. In 2019, the Atlanta Pride Committee provided The Dr. Annise Mabry Foundation with a Pride Reinvestment Grant and Dr. Mabry used the grant to launch the Thrive with Pride Program. Thrive with Pride is Georgia’s only high school diploma program designed for homeless LGBTQ youth. Thrive with Pride works in partnership with LostNFound Youth. As a woman with a love for community growth and development, she has a passion for assisting rural police departments with implementing community oriented policing programs. The Dr. Annise Mabry Foundation is housed inside of the Oglethorpe Police Department. Dr. Mabry acquired private grants from the International Paper, State Farm, and Flint Energies to open the Southwest Georgia Rural Community Policing Resource Center. Today, Dr. Mabry operates Georgia’s only Rural Community Policing Resource Center. This resource center is becoming a model center for other rural law enforcement communities. Her foundation sponsors Christmas with a Cop, the Chief’s Diploma Program and the Macon County National Night Out.

Jonah McDonald

Board Member

Jonah McDonald is a co-founder of Peacebuilders Camp and serves on its Board of Directors. He is an activist, teacher, storyteller and wilderness guide and has experience working for non-profit organizations, with a focus on fundraising, bookkeeping, and publicity. Formerly a Montessori teacher, Jonah continues to teach in non-classroom settings and particularly enjoys working with middle schoolers. He works as a park ranger at a DeKalb County park. Jonah has also served on several non-profit boards, including as chair of the Friends School of Atlanta board of directors.

Niya Randall

Board Member

Niya Randall is an educator with more than 10 years experience nurturing and teaching young children. Her commitment to honoring individual learning styles, and creating fair, wholesome, learning environments inspires her interest in equitable practices. Niya has taught in several elementary schools (private and charter) and has international experience as a teacher of English as a second language. She has received the San Francisco Coalition of Essential I-group equity training, and been a co-facilitator supporting Equity-Centered Critical Friendship groups. She serves on the board of the School Reform Initiative, a national organization dedicated to educational equity and excellence.

Andy Roach

Board Member

Andy Roach is an associate professor in the Department of Counseling & Psychological Services at Georgia State University. He is a school psychologist and former elementary and middle school teacher. His research and teaching interests center on building inclusive educational and community programs. In addition to his work as a faculty member, Andy is a training associate for Mindfulness with Borders and a facilitator-in-preparation with the Center for Courage & Renewal.