Peacebuilders Camp at Koinonia Farm

Black Lives Matter

Dear Peacebuilders Supporter,

In this criticial time, we would like to share with you our statement of solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement:

Peacebuilders Camp condemns all violence against Black people, especially senseless murders by law enforcement. Events over recent days and weeks have reaffirmed our mission to educate and empower the next generation of social justice advocates is more critical than ever. Our foundational beliefs and values compel us to stand against systemic racism and white supremacy and to amplify the voices of those calling for a reordering of our society. We honor and remember ALL the Black Lives that have been taken from us.

Drawing on the values outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we unequivocally condemn actions by police and military forces that at present are further dehumanizing marginalized communities by violating their rights to life and security of person, the prohibition against their arbitrary arrest, their right to a fair trial, their right to presumption of innocence, their right to freedom of expression, and their right to peaceably assemble.

  • We honor demonstrators in the street who use their bodies and their words to call for justice.
  • We honor those who stay home in this time of pandemic and contribute through encouragement, financial support, and caregiving.
  • We honor those who lend their skill in organizing, inspiring, and training others.
  • We honor journalists and other writers who keep us informed of crucial events and important perspectives.
  • We honor the artists and musicians who speak the truth in ways that transcend words.
  • We honor the thinkers who are envisioning the next steps in the journey toward justice.
  • We honor the workers who are essential to the functioning of our cities, towns, and communities and yet find their own wellbeing unprotected.
  • We honor parents, guardians, and other adults who model a fierce commitment to equality and kindness for the children in their care.
  • We honor neighbors and family members who take time to listen and to hold difficult conversations.
  • We honor those who call out racism where they see it and those who humbly weigh the truth of those indictments.
  • We honor those whose lives have been dedicated to causes of justice for decades, and those who have found new responsibility and purpose in responding to recent events.

We urge all in our Peacebuilders family to educate themselves and find a way to meaningfully contribute to dialog and action toward a more just society. For a list of suggestions, we recommend:

In Peace,

Quayneshia Smith, Program Director
Marilyn McGinnis, Co-founder and Curriculum Director
Niya Randall, Chair of the Board of Directors