Alumni spotlight: Roan Gillin

Roan enjoyed tie-dying shirts at camp this summer!

For some of our campers, the end-of-camp opportunity to write a peacemaking goal for themselves is a challenge, not because they are unsure of how they can make an impact in their communities, but because they have such a multitude of talents and interests. Narrowing all that passion and skill down to a single area of focus takes some effort! 2018 and 2019 camper Roan is one such teen. Roan’s busy mind moves easily from contemplating big-picture concerns like gender identity to discussing community issues like homelessness to considering how to be a supportive friend to a struggling peer. She puts her many talents to good use, leading her school’s robotics team, playing cello in the orchestra, and helping start a school club that encourages students to embrace differences¬†and make everyone feel more included.

With so many varied interests and skills, choosing a single peacemaking goal wasn’t easy! In the end, Roan chose to focus on yet another talent in her toolbox: writing. Her goal was to “write songs and poems that not only inspire and connect with others, but also help improve my skills as an artist.”

We are always delighted when we hear back from campers and learn that they’re working to achieve their peacemaking goals. When Roan sent us one of her recent poems as evidence of her progress, it was a special gift that we are eager to share!

Melodies of the Soul

by Roan Gillin

The melody of the soul,
A sound that few have heard.
The soft murmur of this song is crisp as the golden leaves under your feet.

The melody of the soul,
Whispered as though it is a secret for only the sparrows to hear.

The warm feeling of sunlight on your skin, even in the pitch black.

The sweet smell of lavender dancing in the air, making beautiful pirouettes of bright colors.

Melodies of the soul,

From the aching hearts of those who lost.

To the wide eyes of a child that’s yet to explore.

Melodies of souls, old and young.
As the pain fades away,  you’re left with the feeling of redemption and relief,

The murmur of music will crescendo.

And the melodic sounds of all souls alike will grow.

The melodies of the souls travel the breeze, waiting for new ears to bestow the simplistic beauty.

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