Campers Speak Out!

What a full, creative, collaborative day our campers had today! The expertise of guest musicians/artists Jessica Kion and Ben Levin of Bent Knee turned our Zoom platform into a virtual recording studio. With Ben and Jessica’s instruction, three groups of campers created videos that speak to issues that matter deeply to them.

Ben and Jessica met with each group for three 30-minute sessions during the day for brainstorming and technical guidance, and in between, the groups worked independently on the content of their videos. Alex, Farzana, and Roan turned their original artwork into a comic about LGBTQ+ activist Marsha P. Johnson. Mani, Chara, and Alicia created and narrated a power point presentation teaching about homelessness. And Serenity, Kaden, and Vittoria used their musical skills to compose and record a message about racial injustice.

We’re overwhelmed by Jessica and Ben’s generosity in spending the whole day with us, plus the additional hours they’ll put into editing the videos. They’ll be back with us on Friday for any final tweaks, and will join us for our end-of-camp screening Friday night. We can’t wait to show off our campers’ insight and creativity!

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