From Campers:

“I have gone to Peacebuilders camp for the past 4 summers, and to be honest it truly has changed my life. It has taught me to see social justice issues with a whole new perspective! I also earned that even though I am still young my voice does count!”

-Zora, 2016 – 2019 camper

“I loved, loved Peacebuilders Camp! It is such a great camp for teens, it helped me a lot, I learned so many things and I am hoping to come back next year.”

-Farzana, 2016 camper

“Peacebuilders pushed me out of my comfort zone which gave me the confidence to be more vocal.”

-Devin, 2016 camper

“One of my best memories from this camp was when we sat around the campfire and roasted our marshmallows! This week has given me new ways to become a peacebuilder. In fact, I have two ideas which are giving coupons and leftover food to homeless people.”

-Kassie, 2016 camper

“Everyone at camp was so nice and welcoming and so fun. One activity that I really enjoyed was the spectrum activity. It showed how different our opinions were. One issue that I am most passionate about is food/water issues. One of the best memories from this week was when all the boys kept Mario up telling ghost stories. I wish there was a 15-16 age group so people can come back if they want.”

-Zane, 2016 camper

“Thanks for everything. You taught me so much. Your hospitality, kindness, and accepting helped me realize that there is hope for the world after all. We had soo much fun!! All the field trips were educating. The counselors are soo nice!! They are patient and they are there for you to talk about ANYTHING. They helped me with the biggest problem I ever had. I love it here. The experience here was jam packed with fun activities. It is AWESOME here. I could go on and on all day talking about it.”

-Trevyn, 2014 camper

“This is my best camp ever! When I started in this world I never think about this stuff. What is “Peace, Justice, human right.” I know myself that I did learn many many thing. I wish I can come back to this camp again. Also, I want everyone know about this camp and how important it is. In the end of this camp I felt so peace, kind, nice, and friendly to other people and have mercy for other people. When I see the people in the world is not going right. For example, some people didn’t have home, land, job, food and a place to work. That make me so painful and cry. This camp make me get many ideas how I am going to help some people. I will definitely do something to help people.”

-Ehsoe, 2014 camper

“I never know that everybody had the right of arts. That was kind of new to me. I experience that the heat the prisoners [at Andersonville Prison during the Civil War] had to go through. It was very sad about that. They all died because of disease, heat, cold, etc.”

-Nichole, 2014 camper

“This week was the best week for me ever. I never been to a camp and stay for a whole week. This is my first time and I had so much fun with the campers, counselors, and other people in Koinonia. I’ve learned a lot this week. I learn a lot about human rights that I didn’t know before. I also learned about fair trade, immigration, and soldiers in North America who were capture and put in jail [during the Civil War].”

-Glory, 2014 camper

“Camp helped me with my anger management, changed my mind about enlisting in the air force, and made me want to protest (peacefully) and speak my mind more. So thank you Peacebuilders.”

-Morghan, 2014 camper

“This is the first time I been to this camp, but this have been the best camp ever!!! I have experience a lot of things this week. I learned that all equal before the law. This week was the best week of my life. I meet new people while I was here.”

-Hashim “Lil B”, 2014 camper

“This was a good experience. I admire and appreciate what you all are doing. I think that a large number of youth can be positively influenced by this. I would love to come back and be a CIT in the future.”

-ZoraAnn, 2014 camper

From parents:

“Mia had an absolutely incredible time at camp. I can’t thank you all enough for what you have created in this special place and with the special young people from every corner of our communities. It’s truly inspiring and we feel so honored to be a part of it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

-Lisa Flick Wilson, 2017, 2018, & 2019 parent

“Thank you for another wonderful experience. Faith has not stopped talking about her week! We love hearing about her week and the new friends she made. You are making such a dynamic impact on our world! We cannot thank all of you enough!!”

-Kathy O’Hara-Rosa, 2012 & 2013 parent

“I just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you! Tajahnae said she didn’t want to leave! Thank you for the opportunity for Tajahnae to experience something amazing she can’t stop talking about it! I also wanted thank you and the other counselors for your words of encouragement to Tajahnae. This it’s something she will never forget and neither will I. She even wants to go next year!! Thanks again for helping her come out of that shell!”

– Akia Bennett, 2013 parent

“We want to thank you for the fine job you do with campers. Our grandson was a first time camper this year. He is shy and has difficulty feeling comfortable with peers. When we brought him to camp, we were delighted to see him fully engaged in an ice-breaker game before we even left. He returned to us seeming much more relaxed, and we were touched by the enthusiastic goodbyes that he exchanged with campers and staff. You do a great service for kids and their families. We feel blessed for our grandson to have found his way to you.”

Daphne Stevens, 2015 & 2016 grandparent

From Summer Staff:

“Peacebuilders Camp is such a fun and effective program. It is so important to teach our youth their rights and inspire them towards a passion for peace and social change. I wish I had known about Peacebuilders Camp when I was a youth.”

-Freedom Rodriguez, 2014 counselor

“Just wanted to tell you this week at camp was just incredible. What an amazing experience for these kids! And for us! I was so honored to be a part of it.”

-Laura, 2019 staff member

From Facilitators:

“In these very challenging times, you, the staff, and all the campers give me hope in the struggle for peace, justice, and equality.”

-Roy Bourgeois, Founder School of the Americas Watch

“When I first arrived at Peacebuilder’s Camp I didn’t really know what to expect. I came to find out that the people there are accepting to everybody. A thing I learned was you never know what a person’s past looks like so don’t judge until you get the full story. Even then you shouldn’t judge. This was the best experience I’ve ever had. I would love to keep in touch and someday visit again.”

-Trevelli Jones, 15, 2017 & 2018 Facilitator from Project FIRE

“After my time at Peacebuilders Camp, I was able to reflect on my experience and adapt some of the things that I witnessed there, like unwavering acceptance and compassion, into my daily life and also into my organization which has sparked changes that’ve allowed my events to become even more empowering. Long story short, presenting at Peacebuilders Camp was a true highlight of my summer and in the process of teaching the campers about the effect they can have on society, I learned a number of valuable lessons myself.”

– Cutter Huston, 18, 2019 Facilitator from The Laundry Project

From Supporters:

“I have really enjoyed the happy photos of Camp – week 2 – and showed many to the girls – Hsaw Meh just grins and grins when asked about Camp … she is offering enthusiastic observations, telling me that she wishes she could go again – though she knows she has aged out! I know it was a growth experience. I have heard several of the girls explaining to others what they learned at camp. Please relay my whole-hearted thank you to the staff and volunteers. … Thank you for all you did to make this a terrific learning experience and help these young people mature in their growth toward social responsibility and maturity. It was a remarkable week for them.”

-Jannean Bello, Mentor, Global Village Project

“It’s so encouraging to meet many who are working in different ways to bring peace, love and justice to our desperately hurting world — and HOPE! for a better future. I feel so privileged to have been part of the Peacebuilder experience with the young people as they were inspired in their own lives to work for these goals.”

-Christa Horning, Koinonia Farm 2014 visiting community member

“Farzana & Rebecca loved every minute of camp & all they talked about [on the ride home] was coming back next year & why it can’t be for 2 weeks!!! Thank you again for providing this opportunity for these girls – it so very much appreciated!!!”

-Michelle Kuperman, Global Village Project

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